How I work in 2019

I’ve seen many masters like Taylor and others share their work setup lately, so it’s my turn now.


I’m employed by a company and a freelancer, here are my machines

  • Macbook Pro 13’ with no touch bar, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD
  • Macbook Pro 15’ with touch bar, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD

There looks pretty good at my works, I prefer love my Macbook Pro 15’, more faster and clear, but I don’t like touch bar, it’s not useful for me, and I like real ESC.

I use iPhone 8 plus, it’s stable and reliable.

Editor / IDE

I use several IDE and editor for many situations, for example, if I need to program PHP I will use PHPStorm, it provides super features to snippet helping me to trace underlying codebase. PHPStorm On the other hand, if I need to program javascript, Vue.js and others I will use Visual Studio Code, it’s super faster and many extenstions for it. vscode For now, I’m learning for Flutter, so I need to program it, I will use Android Studio, it’s friendly for program Dart and Flutter. android-studio By the way, I always use Material theme for both, it’s highlight clearly.


For PHP, I’m using Laravel Valet, it’s so blaze, others I will use Docker.


For most developers, I used iTerm2 and oh-my-zsh, and theme still Material theme.


In the past, I used Wunderlist, Microsoft To-do, crazy tomato, Todoist etcs. For now, I’m using TickTick, it’s combining what I need Pomodoro, to-do list, and calendar. TickTick


Code snippets and thinking quick notes for BearApp, it’s really focus on writing, faster and support markdown, you don’t worry about any format can’t compatible, just focus writing. TickTick

At night I’m writing daily every day, Journey is my choose for it, categories by date, can upload files and photos, notifications. Journey


  • White noise likes rainy.


  • Calendar.app (Default Mac Calendar Client)
  • Mail.app (Default Mac Mail Client)
  • SequelPro (Database Admin)
  • Spectacle (Window Management)
  • BetterTouchTool (Customize input)
  • Google Keep (Read posts and articles)


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