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One click app / Building ghost in DigitalOcean

Ghost, DigitalOcean1 min read

DigitalOcean Marketplace

Following the describe and next, next and next(no more), and you need to set domain, for me, I set ''. Next, my domain provider is so I navigate to there and set my A record to redirect my server ip, TTL is set to 3600. SSH to server:

On my first installed, I have got errors of Let’s encrypt, I couldn’t solve it and I was deleted the droplet. Recreate the droplet and execute the same things it’s working.

  1. Set your domain, for me, I set
  2. Set your email for let’s encrypt to generate SSL certificate.

Visit https://your-domain/ghost, it’s done 💪.

Oh, by the way, I’m using standard server, 1vCPU1GB25GB1TB, it cost $5/mo, enough for me now.