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Ghost is a fully open source, adaptable platform for building and running a modern online publication. It powers blogs, magazines and journalists from Zappos to Sky News.

Following the describe and next, next and next(no more), and you need to set domain, for me, I set ''.

Next, my domain provider is so I navigate to there and set my A record to redirect my server ip, TTL is set to 3600 .

SSH to server:

$ ssh root@use_your_droplet_ip
On my first installed, I have got errors of Let's encrypt, I couldn't solve it and I was deleted the droplet. Recreate the droplet and execute the same things it's working.
  1. Set your domain, for me, I set
  2. Set your email for let's encrypt to generate SSL certificate.

Visit https://your-domain/ghost, it's done 💪.

Oh, by the way, I'm using standard server, 1vCPU1GB25GB1TB, it cost $5/mo, enough for me now.