Product design abstraction

Recently, I have an idea for programming, In the past, I have been for the program to programming, I know that some programming language or technology is so powerful, but I don’t know when can I use it for situations and how to use it for reality. Since last year, I have adjusted the way to do, ‘deciding the purpose’ is the first, and then find tooling to solve it, more ‘abstract layer’ solves the problems that don’t focus on solutions.

I knew many technologies, for example, AI or big analysis and more, but I care How do I make the product to help or assist the user solving that they are facing the problem., the part of the problem is I want to realize recently, for example, the user say: this service doesn’t take me a good experience, which one part of experience for bad?(like user experience, data?), the user doesn’t tell to provider, so the provider needs to dig by self. Then make the more good experience and solve the problem for them, behind the sense, every product is back to back and close, then make it better.

Zoom out the perspective you will find out the powerful technologies and programs can’t be fitting for many situations, it’s important for what’s the nature of the problems for the user? The technologies are the one of way. So far, I don’t mean that the technologies aren’t important, I just mean, if the technologies that you want to research underlying it’s amazing, but I think it has a point of balancing, don’t forget the result of the product solving the problem.

I love technologies and programming, and I love to research the underlying of technologies, but I think the balance that I need to learn recently, for me, startup and found the company are my objectives, the technologies are necessary that the tools of making products, but more important is Do not forget the nature of the problems: Bring the solutions and improve workflows to result.

In reality, I’m using the technologies and programming to take income, but more times, I think how do I use the technologies to solve user problems and take income for real, so far I’m observing the users and realize the nature of problems to find out the breaking point, likewise a player or a company are being great needs to pass the length of dark periods, when the dawn is coming, I will accept.



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