• Shopping (company project)(Work on)

    The E-commerce serivce, using Laravel lighthouse, Vue and GraphQL API design.

  • Order system (company project)

    The ERP Adapter and bridge to new service and analysis, using Laravel Nova and Laravel ecosystem.

  • Repairment system (company project)

    Helping colleagues reports that their computers or tools need repair.

  • Qrcode scan and ticket sending for live (company project)

    Providing ticket redeem and sending, scanning for live event, using Laravel for ticket generating, firestore, vue.js ecosystem and Algolia for live redeem.

  • Shorten url system (company project)

    Providing shorten url and backend analysis system, using Laravel backpack for basic build, google extension via tailwind css and vue.js.

  • Dartnote (side project)

    Lighting note service, using Laravel and semantic ui.

  • Parenting Event (company project)

    Several events about parenting and education, using Laravel and Lumen.

  • Fashion Event (company project)

    Several events about fashion and cosmetics, using Laravel and slim.

  • Peenify (side project)

    The reviews website about moives and games, using Laravel and admin-panel.

  • Facebook campaign insight (company project)

    The campaign insight ad serving with facebook, using Laravel.

  • Ithelp (company project)

    The IT Q&A community website similar with stack overflow in Taiwan, using, Laravel, Zend framework.

  • Tutorwell (company project)

    The English tutor online website, using CodeIgniter and windows server 2008.

Open Source


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  • gatsby-theme-novela

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  • Laravel Follow

    Jun 29, 2018 | Github

  • Laravel Backpack

    Apr 23, 2018 | Github | Official